Waiting list

It is our experience that we achieve the best results by having several beginners starting an introductory course at the same time. Especially for our kids & youth class, it also makes sense to strive towards a relatively uniform set of ages.

We thus invite those of you who can see the benefit of awaiting a suitable introductory course to register yourselves with email address and year of birth on our waiting list.

It is free to sign up, and no commitment results from being on it We will just contact you when we have sufficiently many from same age group registered, to hear if you are interested in starting. At the same time, we will be deleting you from the waiting list, so that you will not be getting any more communications from us. We will not share the data you supply with others.

Your email address (*)
Fencer's year of birth (*)
Fencer's gender
Fencer's weapon hand
Other comments

The questions marked with (*) must be answered. We ask the optional questions about gender and hand because the answers will help us ensure, that we have the correct equipment available.

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